When I was about 10 years old I started a "gang". A gang of skaters! We didn't do much except skate and hang out. But I remember getting my gang to bring any spare change they (or their parents) had lying around and I'd take this money to the local shops and put it into the Spastic Center donation bucket. That's my first memory I have of wanting to help people less fortunate than myself. Twenty years later a revelation hit me from above, so clear in its message I still remember the exact time and date (25th August 2006, 6:17AM). Not only was I going to shape boards under the guise of Misfit Shapes, I was going to develop this company into an organisation with my good friend Chris Chong (Chongy) that would have the ability to change people's lives for the better!

Chongy would become my business partner in Misfit Shapes and together we could see Misfit becoming an organisation that has the potential to be as common as the 'Golden arches' The heart of Misfit Aid is to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free. This means we wanted Misfit to be a company that not only loves to help people in need but loves the people they are helping. At this point in time I didn't know how Misfit was going to have this profound positive impact in people's lives that I saw it having.

That was until I met Jeff Ryan. From the age of 19 Jeff had realised his passion for aid work and had already accomplished so much in not-for-profit organisations in countries including Indonesia and the Philippines. Jeff and I met in August, 2009 and swapped stories of our revelations and aspirations for the future. Jeff helped me piece together the pieces of the puzzle that I had received back in 2006 . Two weeks later on August 19th Jeff became the face and director of the not-for profit arm of Misfit Shapes, Misfit Aid

Misfit Aid began its journey towards becoming an organisation that empowered people and communities impacted by poverty, disaster and humanitarian crisis. It is still a young organisation but as we are dilligent it will grow in size and increase in its ability to respond and help those who need it.

Thank-you and welcome to M/SF/T AID