23 - November - 2013


The team at MISFIT AID AUSTRALIA are devastated by the effects of Typhoon Haiyan on The Philippines. A huge shout out goes to all Australians who have donated resources to assist emergency disaster relief agencies* who are raising funds for search and rescue, electrical power, food, water, shelter and other basic human needs.

Many of our Misfit Aid community - a group of change agents for a better world - have asked what they can do to help the Philippines. We love that YOU are keen to get in there and practically help… If you want to be hands on hold on! While some aid agencies do emergency disaster relief other aid organisations, like Misfit Aid Australia, move into the neighbourhood after the emergency has been managed. It is the long-term recovery phase of disaster that places the most severe financial strain.

Damage to public facilities and infrastructure, often not insured, can overwhelm even a large city. We have a 5-stage development process that enables the long-term empowerment of global communities impacted by disaster, poverty and humanitarian crisis. Currently we are exploring in country partnerships, specific aid and development needs, support options and costs. In 2014, we will send a Project Manager to the Philippines to conduct significant statistical and data analysis, formalise our in country partnership, develop and plan project design, implementation, delivery plans and methodology to make sure we truly do create lasting change.

If you would like to be involved in the Misfit Aid Australia Philippines Project please fill out an Expression of Interest form or donate now at www.misfitaid.org

We appreciate all your support,

The Misfit Aid Australia Team


31 - October - 2013

Misfit Aid Team is Gearing up for Peru Trip!

Misfit Aid Team is Gearing up for Peru Trip!

Our November team trip to Peru is fast approaching! A team of 10 folks are off overseas next week to put planning into practice. 

During a reconnaissance trip to Peru earlier this year, Chris Milne and Simon Roy followed up on existing and well established contacts, as well as making new ones. 

Whilst they were in New Pisco (NP) that they met a lady called Aida. She is a mother with 3 daughters who had lost her husband in the earthquake. Aida has a land title but no funding to build on it because on the day the government was providing registry for monetary funding, she had to care for her daughters.

As a result they were living under tarps and and amoungst the ruins of her house.

The plan became to once again make her house a stable and safe place to live and a trip was planned for November 2013. Since meeting her, however, and whilst preparing for the trip, Aida's house burnt to the ground entirely. The plan now is to build her a whole new house, as opposed to simply making her old one safe again.  

This trip will also see the team delivering donated clothes, planning the vision for the area, and sourcing materials for future trips.

This is a full trip but we are excited and ready to give it our all!

Read more about our plans for Peru under our 'Project' tab, or find it here: http://misfitaid.org/projects/overview

We are all over social media! You can follow our trip's progress. 

Instragram: misfitaid

Blog:  http://misfitaid.tumblr.com/


22 - October - 2013

MisfitAid Pancake Breakfast Success

MisfitAid Pancake Breakfast Success

Misfit Aid Australia held it's inaugural 'PANCAKE BREAKY' at cafe, Flamingos and Dingos in Newport. People from all over the Northern Beaches community came for the opportunity to support Misfit Aid by buying a pancake and a coffee. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the team from Misfit Aid and to hear all about what is coming up in the life of the organisation. 

Thank you to all those who generously donated their money and time towards the momentum of Misfit Aid. We couldn't possibly do without the support of people like you.  

If you missed out on the day and you wanted to donate, don't fret! You absolutely still can by clicking this link: http://misfitaid.org/why-donate


26 - March - 2013

Misfit Aid & Pantera Press

Misfit Aid & Pantera Press

Misfit Aid has enjoyed the support of Pantera Press all summer long. To say we are happy and excited about the launch of John M. Geen's latest book 'The Trusted' is an understatement. Talk around the literary world is it's already a bestseller and it hasn't even hit the shelves yet. Misfit Aid survives on the good will of others, in turn so it can provide goodwill to others. Have a listen to the advert starting on Sydney's Triple M 104.9FM from tomorrow onwards. Happy days here at Misfitaid.org as we look toward the future of assisting, contributing, and helping those in need, confident we have the support of people such as John and Alison Green at Pantera Press right behind us

22 - February - 2013

M/SF/T AID wins ASB Surfing Spirit Award

M/SF/T AID wins ASB Surfing Spirit Award

Misfit Aid was ecstatic to even be nominated and included in such a category as the ASB Surfing Spirit Award and on such a prestigious night in Australian history.

To come away with the win just shows our philosophy of not getting overwhelmed by the greatness of the task but rather helping to change one person’s life one at a time is a philosophy that works and people believe in.

We want to thank ASB Magazine and Surfing Australia, and also congratulate Surfing Australia for its 50th year anniversary.

We want to congratulate Joel Parkinson for winning Best Male surfer, Stephanie Gilmore for Best Female surfer and being inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, Mark Richards nominated as the Influential Australian Surfer between 1963-2013, and the crew that made the surf movie of the year “Storm Riders 3D”….Epic!

We were up against the Quiksilver Foundation and Russell Molony, and just to be included in that group was for us significant recognition of the work Misfit Aid has done, since its beginnings in 2010 and the work we will continue to do many years into the future.

We are only at the cusp of what we want to achieve in terms of reducing poverty, assisting communities to get back on their feet after natural disasters and empowering the people who have/are being affected by poverty or the aftermath of a natural disaster

As usual we will sign off by saying THANK-YOU to all of you.

All of you, who visit this website, donate your money, donate your time, volunteer on trips, volunteer on fundraisers; follow us on Instagram and twitter, and those that mention us to your friends and family.

You create this momentum for Misfit Aid and this momentum allows us to do what we do.


15 - January - 2013

Surfing Life Mag getting involved with Misfit Aid!

2013 has started off with a colossal bang for Misfit Aid.

To have Surfing Life the largest cicrulating surf magazine in Australia, contact you because they want to do a story on the work Misfit Aid is doing is an honour in itself and something that we are over the moon about. However to be included in the same issue that has the new world champ, Joel Parkinson on the front cover we are almost lost for words.


Surfing Life magazine have done a story on Misfit Aid, discovering that surfing and volunteering can go hand in hand if you want them to. The story sheds light on why and how Misfit Aid do what they do and from the interview with Jeff Ryan, the Misfit director it is easy to feel the passion coming through his written words.

An absolute huge thankyou to Surfing Life in helping get Misfit Aid out there into the public eye. Stories like this help us to grow and hold true to our mission and motivation, reducing poverty and helping communities recover and grow after natural disasters!

Yeew! Is there anything better than surfing and helping people in need?

27 - November - 2012

Coffee for Aid has a new home and a new name!!

Coffee for Aid has a new home and a new name!!

Coffee for Aid has a new home and a new name! FLAMINGOS & DINGOS FINE COFFEEE HAUNT has opened up in Newport as a replacement for the coffee window in what was the Sugarmill Fine Surf Emporium.

Unfortunately the Sugarmill has shut its doors TEMPORARILY, but it has not meant the end of coffee. After seeing Coffee for Aid grow into a business that could support itself and deliver funds for Misfit Aid it seemed crazy to let it go into the history books.

It seemed fate that the new venue at shop 5C/7 robertson road Newport, (next door to Chilli Sha Sha) came our way at exactly the right time, already set up to be a coffee shop it was ready for us to step in, open up the doors and invite people in for a coffee.

Opening on Saturday 24th November, Flamingos and Dingos has already seen an influx of people coming in to savour the flavour of the fine coffee of Single Origin.

We have taken the bean, the baristas, the music and the same relaxed homely vibe that saw the coffee window in Sugarmill do so well to Flamingos & Dingos, and have no doubt the same recipe will produce the same results

We look forward to seeing you there!


29 - September - 2012

Misfit Aid exploring their artistic side at Art in the Park Festival

Misfit Aid exploring their artistic side at Art in the Park Festival

Mid September saw Misfit Aid heading down to Dunbar Park, Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches to be a part of Artfest, a bi-annual art fesitval that highlights all the great artists and artwork being done by the local youth.

The team of Misfits got there at the crack of dawn to help set up the event along with our own gazebo, which would house two barbeques and plenty of bacon and eggs, enough to supply the  visitors to the festival.

It was a great opportunity given to us by the Artfest organisers to not only raise important funds for the trip to Chile in mid October but also to get the Misfit Aid name out there into the community by handing out information brochures, selling merchandise and talking to people the old-fashioned way!

It was an honour to be  part of Artfest and we look forward to working with them again un the future!!


15 - August - 2012

The future with Mercy Indonesia in West Timor

The future with Mercy Indonesia in West Timor

Misfit Aid have been working with local NGOS's developing a 3-5 year action plan that would see Misfit Aid working in the Atambua region of West Timor. Misfit Aid will work to help improve the lives of thousands of misplaced people living without the basic necessities like food shelter and clean water within this region.

Misfit Aid sent a reconnaissance team over to Atambua in early 2012, to meet with local NGO's and discover just how we could come on board and how we could be most effective in delivering aid.

It was decided that over the next few years we would be able to assist in the construction of a school/community centre, construction of new homes, community development programs such as aquaponics and the development of a clean water project.

The number of people that need assistance in this area of West Timor is staggering at a number close to 47 000 people. Instead of letting this becoming an overwhelming figure, Misfit Aid is starting with one village in Atambua called Maulun. From the projects undertaken in Maulun we envisage the locals that we help to train up in skills such as construction, will go on and assist neighbouring villages and communities in the Atambua area.

For the near future Misfit Aid will be sending a team over in February, 2013 to implement the use of water filters into Maulun. These water filters will turn non-potable water into clean potable water!

In April, 2013 a Misfit Aid team will be travelling over to build the first of many new homes for the Maulun community.

All of our work in West Timor is subject to funding, and so as always we will be creating new and exciting ways to raise funds. We love throwing fundraisers not only to raise the money needed but because for the most part it is a great opportunity to get everyone that is a part of or would like to become a part of Misfit…the MISFIT COMMUNITY together and have fun whilst creating a movement that seeks to help the less fortunate people in this world!