22 - February - 2013

M/SF/T AID wins ASB Surfing Spirit Award

M/SF/T AID wins ASB Surfing Spirit Award

Misfit Aid was ecstatic to even be nominated and included in such a category as the ASB Surfing Spirit Award and on such a prestigious night in Australian history.

To come away with the win just shows our philosophy of not getting overwhelmed by the greatness of the task but rather helping to change one person’s life one at a time is a philosophy that works and people believe in.

We want to thank ASB Magazine and Surfing Australia, and also congratulate Surfing Australia for its 50th year anniversary.

We want to congratulate Joel Parkinson for winning Best Male surfer, Stephanie Gilmore for Best Female surfer and being inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, Mark Richards nominated as the Influential Australian Surfer between 1963-2013, and the crew that made the surf movie of the year “Storm Riders 3D”….Epic!

We were up against the Quiksilver Foundation and Russell Molony, and just to be included in that group was for us significant recognition of the work Misfit Aid has done, since its beginnings in 2010 and the work we will continue to do many years into the future.

We are only at the cusp of what we want to achieve in terms of reducing poverty, assisting communities to get back on their feet after natural disasters and empowering the people who have/are being affected by poverty or the aftermath of a natural disaster

As usual we will sign off by saying THANK-YOU to all of you.

All of you, who visit this website, donate your money, donate your time, volunteer on trips, volunteer on fundraisers; follow us on Instagram and twitter, and those that mention us to your friends and family.

You create this momentum for Misfit Aid and this momentum allows us to do what we do.