31 - October - 2013

Misfit Aid Team is Gearing up for Peru Trip!

Misfit Aid Team is Gearing up for Peru Trip!

Our November team trip to Peru is fast approaching! A team of 10 folks are off overseas next week to put planning into practice. 

During a reconnaissance trip to Peru earlier this year, Chris Milne and Simon Roy followed up on existing and well established contacts, as well as making new ones. 

Whilst they were in New Pisco (NP) that they met a lady called Aida. She is a mother with 3 daughters who had lost her husband in the earthquake. Aida has a land title but no funding to build on it because on the day the government was providing registry for monetary funding, she had to care for her daughters.

As a result they were living under tarps and and amoungst the ruins of her house.

The plan became to once again make her house a stable and safe place to live and a trip was planned for November 2013. Since meeting her, however, and whilst preparing for the trip, Aida's house burnt to the ground entirely. The plan now is to build her a whole new house, as opposed to simply making her old one safe again.  

This trip will also see the team delivering donated clothes, planning the vision for the area, and sourcing materials for future trips.

This is a full trip but we are excited and ready to give it our all!

Read more about our plans for Peru under our 'Project' tab, or find it here: http://misfitaid.org/projects/overview

We are all over social media! You can follow our trip's progress. 

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