15 - August - 2012

The future with Mercy Indonesia in West Timor

The future with Mercy Indonesia in West Timor

Misfit Aid have been working with local NGOS's developing a 3-5 year action plan that would see Misfit Aid working in the Atambua region of West Timor. Misfit Aid will work to help improve the lives of thousands of misplaced people living without the basic necessities like food shelter and clean water within this region.

Misfit Aid sent a reconnaissance team over to Atambua in early 2012, to meet with local NGO's and discover just how we could come on board and how we could be most effective in delivering aid.

It was decided that over the next few years we would be able to assist in the construction of a school/community centre, construction of new homes, community development programs such as aquaponics and the development of a clean water project.

The number of people that need assistance in this area of West Timor is staggering at a number close to 47 000 people. Instead of letting this becoming an overwhelming figure, Misfit Aid is starting with one village in Atambua called Maulun. From the projects undertaken in Maulun we envisage the locals that we help to train up in skills such as construction, will go on and assist neighbouring villages and communities in the Atambua area.

For the near future Misfit Aid will be sending a team over in February, 2013 to implement the use of water filters into Maulun. These water filters will turn non-potable water into clean potable water!

In April, 2013 a Misfit Aid team will be travelling over to build the first of many new homes for the Maulun community.

All of our work in West Timor is subject to funding, and so as always we will be creating new and exciting ways to raise funds. We love throwing fundraisers not only to raise the money needed but because for the most part it is a great opportunity to get everyone that is a part of or would like to become a part of Misfit…the MISFIT COMMUNITY together and have fun whilst creating a movement that seeks to help the less fortunate people in this world!