23 - November - 2013


The team at MISFIT AID AUSTRALIA are devastated by the effects of Typhoon Haiyan on The Philippines. A huge shout out goes to all Australians who have donated resources to assist emergency disaster relief agencies* who are raising funds for search and rescue, electrical power, food, water, shelter and other basic human needs.

Many of our Misfit Aid community - a group of change agents for a better world - have asked what they can do to help the Philippines. We love that YOU are keen to get in there and practically help… If you want to be hands on hold on! While some aid agencies do emergency disaster relief other aid organisations, like Misfit Aid Australia, move into the neighbourhood after the emergency has been managed. It is the long-term recovery phase of disaster that places the most severe financial strain.

Damage to public facilities and infrastructure, often not insured, can overwhelm even a large city. We have a 5-stage development process that enables the long-term empowerment of global communities impacted by disaster, poverty and humanitarian crisis. Currently we are exploring in country partnerships, specific aid and development needs, support options and costs. In 2014, we will send a Project Manager to the Philippines to conduct significant statistical and data analysis, formalise our in country partnership, develop and plan project design, implementation, delivery plans and methodology to make sure we truly do create lasting change.

If you would like to be involved in the Misfit Aid Australia Philippines Project please fill out an Expression of Interest form or donate now at www.misfitaid.org

We appreciate all your support,

The Misfit Aid Australia Team