Misfit Aid will take individuals on project trips who are prepared to volunteer their time, commit to the requirements os a project trip and cover all related costs associated with travel and living expenses for the trip duration.

One of the First Misfit Agents of Change - Lotte Barnes

One of the First Misfit Agents of Change - Lotte Barnes


I was part of the very first Misfit Aid team that travelled to Fiji back in 2010, and because of the experience I decided to travel again with the team to Chile in 2011.  

On both occasions we worked with small local community organisations to help them re-build the homes and lives of people who were suffering from poverty or the effects of a natural disaster.

I was part of the team that built the houses – with a hammer and one nail at a time, sweat and tears we built that house. It gave me one of the most rewarding outcomes I have ever experienced in my life. 

The teams are always an amazing bunch of people from all different walks of life, but coming together for the same purpose. When everyone's heart is in the same place you can only achieve success. 

The aim and vision of Misfit Aid is always to impact the global community in a long-lasting positive way and on both trips we achieved far and beyond what I anticipated as well as making ever lasting friendships.

I remember as we finished the building of a house for a Chilean mother and wife she came to us and started speaking in Spanish. None of us could actually understand what she was saying, but we didn't need to, as the tone in her voice, the look in her eyes and the gratitude and love I felt from one single hug of thanks will never be forgotten in my memory.

As well as all this we got the chance to surf epic waves!!