Misfit Aid is so grateful for the support of our Major Sponsors who enable the ongoing delivery of our program through direct funding for project delivery and operational costs and assistance with in-kind support such as airline tickets, human resources, tools and equipment.

If your organisation or company would like to become a major sponsor of the work of Misfit Aid, we would love to speak with you. Please contact our CEO - Sam Dewhurst by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Supporters Include:

Coffee for Aid
Flamingos and Dingos Fine Coffee Haunt
Misfit Shapes
Sundell Group
Pantera Press
IP Edge
Shire Live
Sydney packaging
St Lukes Grammar
Mac & Me
Home Grown Brands
Arzen Wetsuits
Gorilla Surf
Surfing World
Empire Ave

Shire Live

Shire Live have directly assited with funding support for Misfit Aid to undertake a reconnasiance trip to West Timor to complete the vital stages of how we will assist Mercy Indonesia for the next 3-5 years.

Travel Medical Vaccination Clinic (TMVC)

Misfit Aid and TMVC have developed a corporate arrangement for travel vaccinations and pre-departure medical assessments. TMVC have provided discouted pre-departure medical consultation services and medical supplies. 

Sydney Packaging 

Sydney Packaging have been kind enough to support Coffee for Aid, a business that operates out of the Sugarmill Fine Surf Emporium. Coffee for Aid donates 100% of its profits to registered and un-registered charity organisations, including Misfit Aid. Sydney Packaging donate coffee supplies such as coffee cups and lids for no cost, which thereby allows Coffee for Aid to donate a greater profit to charitable organisations.


Based in Brookvale, Tag-a-Long have provided Misfit Aid clothing to wear on trips overseas. This includes t-shirts, hats and hooded jumpers. They have also created merchandise for fundraising events and promotional material.


Insight were kind enough to donate some clothing for Misfit Aid to bring to Pichilemu, Chile on the April 2012 trip. The clothing went to the younger people of the Pichilemu Community.

St. Lukes Grammar School- Dee Why

St Lukes Grammar have continuously supported Misfit Aid throughout 2012 and prior, throwing fundraisers at the school. These fundraisers have been vital in raising much needed funds that  have allowed Misfit Aid to re-build homes and carry out community development projects in Chile.