Misfit Aid began exploring the option to assist refugee communities in Atambua West Timor mid-2011, following a discussion with local NGO's, some of which have been working directly with refugees along the border of East and West Timor since 2000.

The Atambua area comprises around 47,000 refugees, many of whom came across the border from East Timor following the uprising and subsequent turmoil in the late 1990's. A large number of these refugees have been unable to return home, and remain in poorly managed and resourced refugee camps. As such, many residents are living in very difficult circumstances with access to the most basic of services and facilities.

In response to the needs of the community of Maulun in Atambua, programs have been initiated to address their key development needs. Misfit Aid is looking to focus its initial support towards this village, which consists of around 270 individuals. The proposed Refugee Relief Project for this community/village involves:

• Construction of 53 permanent houses with roads and infrastructure
• Construction of a community centre
• Clean water and health care
• Agriculture and farming
• Small business development

With the above in mind, and, based on alignment of resources and mission, Misfit Aid anticipates to focus initial support in the areas of housing, community facilities and clean water. Misfit Aid is currently working with local NGO's to formalise a partnership agreement and develop a plan to achieve the following in the coming few years:

1. Housing
• Working with the community and the local government to ensure that the community sees the construction of 53 homes for the 270 residents. Recently the government has begun construction on the housing in the village which is fantastic for the community. However, it is critically important to Misfit Aid that our work encompasses not only initial building aid, but more importantly that we equip locals with building skills and resources that can be utilised in the future for the benefit of the community

2. Community Facilities
• Build/renovate a Community Centre / Meeting Place / School
• Build a Toilet Block (3 additional toilets)
• Build/renovate Accommodation Facilities/Multi-Purpose Building
• Build a Radio Shack

3. Clean Water
• Provide Water Filters and Cisterns to households – filter provision and training on use and maintenance
• Provide access to clean water via existing water reservoirs or wells, through the use of filters/pumps

2013 will see Misfit Aid begin action on the projects it has developed alongside a local NGO and we will be keeping the website and blog updated with everything that is achieved!