A team of 10 volunteers returns to Peru in mid September this year after spending 2 weeks there in November 2013. 

They will be working in the Chorrillos area, which is a district of the Lima province in the city of Lima. 

Together with our partners Christian Surfers Peru we will erecting roofs on 10+ homes, replacing deteriorated existing roofs with structured timber roofs and zinc sheeting. 

The team will work in collaboration with a local team, training and upskilling members of the community who can assist and carry this on into the future.

The team will also do reconnaissance on a long term project to build a Community Centre and will start to define the scope of the Community Centre and location on this trip.

The Community Centre would be a 5 year project, with teams heading over to Peru every 6 months. It is an ambitious project but one that would create a sanctuary for the people of Chorrillos - the possibilities are huge.

This is where Chorrillos is on the map.